Ray Comfort’s Necrophilia


Not too long ago ray Comfort posted a piece about Andy Rooney. The gist of Ray’s report on Rooney was that he did not trim his eyebrows, he was an atheist, and — in accordance with the belief system of Ray’s cult — we can assume what Ray only implied — Rooney is burning for eternity in the mythical lake of fire.

I did not know that Andy Rooney was an atheist. I don’t care. I do not give a flying fuck or a rat’s ass whether or not someone believes in a deity. I did not know much about Andy Rooney. After his death I learned that he was a military journalist, wrote for Stars and Stripes during WWII, saw the victims of Nazi concentration camps first hand, he started working in television in 1949.

This man remembered the world when it was a very different place than the one I grew up in. That is what I find interesting. His life, not his death, is what I would want to focus on. Unlike Ray and gang, I am not a necrophiliac.

I am not using the term ‘necrophilia’ in the sense that I believe Ray and his minions are out boffing corpses every chance they get. The term means literally — love of death. These are people who find death more interesting than they find life. These are people who consider dead people to be of greater value than living people.

The psychologist Dr. Charlotte Kasl writes about necrophilia from a feminist deconstructionist point of view. She points out how necrophilia is a vital component to a patriarchal, hierarchical, authoritarian, and dogmatic structure.

The focus and obsession with death combined with a hatred for life and the living is a fantastic method of mind control.

You are worthless

In accordance with the doctrine of most most cults, a person who is not immersed in the mindless adherence to that cult’s doctrine has absolutely no value. Your life has no meaning, has no value, you cannot be grateful for anything, you cannot have any real sense of morality until you do the only meaningful thing that a person can do — join the cult and unquestioningly embrace its bullshit.

But until that day you are pukes. You are the lowest form of life on Earth. You are not even human, fucking beings. You are nothing but unorganized grabastic pieces of amphibian shit!

Unlike the Marine Corps, cults expect you to be with them for the rest of your life. If you leave the cult they claim that you were never really one of them to begin with. You will be worthless and, according to them, you were actually worthless that whole time because you were just faking it or some such bullshit.

A person’s life is just a preparation for the afterlife. When Comfort provides a post such as the one he did about Andy Rooney, he is telling his followers how they must think. If a well-known person dies, the first thought should be — “Were they a member of my cult?” To those of us who are not indoctrinated this looks ghoulish, opportunistic, sleazy, revolting, etc. It is. It is all of those things on the surface but we can also look at the function of this kind of thinking. This is a tactic that is based on fear and hatred.

Andy Rooney died.

Andy Rooney did not believe in the Grand-cosmic-goo-goo-fuck.

Therefore Andy Rooney is being tortured for eternity in hell.

Ray and his gang of boot-licking bullshit believers have no obligation to express condolence for the man’s family and friends, the people who will miss him, admiration for his accomplishments, etc. Everything for a cult member must be thought of in terms of how it relates to their cult. Andy Rooney was not in their in-group, therefore Andy Rooney is not someone they have to care about because he was on their imaginary friend’s shit-list. While he was alive, he served no purpose, but as a dead man he does serve a purpose — he serves the purpose of bolstering the fear and loathing that keeps the sheep faithful.

The heaven problem.

Ray’s ass-kissers have no problem describing hell. The place of eternal torment and agony. Roasting forever in a lake of fire. They love to pile on the fear of this horrible place that, if it really existed, I think everyone would agree that it would suck to be there. But what about eternal bliss? This is a more difficult problem. You may notice that ult members do not describe heaven very often or in much detail — just that it is really really fucking wonderful.

Bliss is unlike utter anguish, in that, it is much more subjective. One person’s heaven would be another person’s hell. When they talk about basking in the glory of the creator, singing his praises forever and ever — sounds like being in church for eternity. Fuck that shit.


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